Revelation as History, Mystery, and Eternal Hope

Autumn 2023

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The Book of Revelation will be studied in eight weekly lessons. Click here to view a class schedule.

The reference material for each weekly lesson are listed below. By clicking on the "Week Number" below, the links for the various resources will be revealed.

Besides the Scripture text itself, the primary study tools are the Prologue, scripture Summary, and an article on the Rapture all written by Rev. Spence.

Click here to view the Prologue online.

Click here to download the Prologue document.

Click here to view the Summary online.

Click here to download the Summary document.

Click here to view the article on the Rapture

Click here to download the Rapture document.

There are many versions or translations of the Bible. Students are encouraged to read and refer to their preferred translation. Each weekly lesson will cover selected chapters of the Bible. The online Scripture references use the services of BibleGateway. BibleGateway is an extremely useful online Bible with many versions and translations. BibleGateway also provides a parallel or side-by-side view of selected translations. Students are invited to explore the various translations.

For this study, Rev. Spence has selected the New American Standard (NASB) as the default translation displayed in parallel with the Mounce Reverse Interlinear New Testament (MOUNCE). Click here for information about the New American Standard translation. Click here for information about the Mounce Reverse Interlinear New Testament.

An optional, but useful resource, are short videos that provide an overview of the books of the Bible from BibleProjectBibleProject is a nonprofit, crowdfunded organization that produces 100% free Bible videos, podcasts, blogs, classes, and educational Bible resources to help make the biblical story accessible to everyone everywhere.

Each week after the in-person class session, Rev. Spence records a video lecture presenting the information covered for that week. The links to view or download each video lecture are found by clicking on the desired week below.

If you have questions or problems accessing any resource on this site, click here to submit a support request.

Week 1

Context: Date - Author - Genres - Purpose - Approaches

Week 2

Seven Letters - Seven Churches - Seven Prescriptions

Week 3

Sealed Scroll - Slain Lamb - Seven Seals - Sealed 144,000 - Heavenly Faithful

Week 4

Seven Trumpets - Small Scroll - Two Witnesses

Week 5

Woman & Child & Dragon - Two Beasts - 666 - Angels - The Lamb - Two Harvests

Week 6

Song of Moses & the Lamb - The Seven Bowls - Battle of Armageddon

Week 7

Satan Confined - Christ's Millennium Rule - Judgement Day - New Heaven & Earth

Week 8

The Elusive Elephant in The Revelation Room?

Hint: Rhymes with "Wrap sure!"