Spence Bible Study

A support and resource website for the Bible Study Classes taught by the Rev. Dennis W. Spence.

This website provides support and resources for the Bible studies offered by the Reverend Dennis W. Spence. Rev. Spence is a retired elder in the United Methodist Church (UMC) who attends services at the St. James UMC in Little Rock, Arkansas.

There are four classes offered: 

Classes are held in-person and meet weekly on the campus of St. James. Classes are free and registration is open to the public. A variety of other Bible studies and religious training curricula are offered through St. James UMC. Access the St. James website for information about these studies.

Each class has its own web-page where resources can be found. A detailed schedule for each class, including weekly topics, Scripture readings, Rev. Spence's Scripture summary, and other useful resources can be found in each class's web-page. Additionally, Rev. Spence publishes a video version of his weekly lecture intended for those who miss a class meeting or would like to review the in-person lecture. Each class web-page can be accessed by the menu found at the top of this page.

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